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The University of Manitoba's

Planning Studio

Planning a better future with

Indigenous Communities

The University of Manitoba’s Department of City Planning is actively engaged in supporting the community planning interests and aspirations of Indigenous peoples.


Since 2010, City Planning students and faculty have worked with a number of Manitoba First Nations and have supported a wide variety of planning activities including cultural mapping, land use planning, designing community surveys, environmental stewardship planning, and comprehensive community plan development. Most of this work occurs within the context of the Indigenous Planning Studio.



The Indigenous Planning Studio is a Master's-level course. The term “studio” simply refers to a different style of teaching; instead of sitting in lectures and seminars, students work on a real-world planning project. This particular studio typically involves small teams of students who work with a partnering First Nation.



Partnering First Nations identify projects with some input from the studio instructor to ensure the students have the skill-sets to properly support the work. The instructor provides advice and direction to the students, while maintaining contact with each partnering First Nation. The students are encouraged to work directly with their First Nation partners throughout the academic year.



If you and your community want to partner with the Indigenous Planning Studio, follow the links below to learn more about the process and to apply.

The Indigenous Planning Studio also works on short-term projects that are often of interest to many Indigenous communities, not just the studio partners. In 2016, its students and instructors began work on a collection of fact sheets that explain many of the common tasks involved in community planning.

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